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How to use adaptive width strings for localization on iOS

The Apple App Store is a huge market with potential users and customers from all over the world. With this global reach, it’s more important than ever that your app is ready to be used by people that don’t speak … Continue reading

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Some useful URL schemes in Xcode 9

Not many people know that Apple introduced some interesting automation capabilities in Xcode 9 via URL schemes. I sometimes use them, and as I didn’t see them publicized anywhere, I decided to document them in this blog post. Source Code … Continue reading

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Having fun visualizing Swift’s sort()

Peter Naur, a renowned Danish computer scientist, said that programming is not merely the creation of a program, but an activity by which the programmers form a theory of the matters at hand. If you haven’t read his famous paper, … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineering macOS High Sierra Supplemental Update

Reported by┬áMatheus Mariano, a Brazilian software developer, a programming error was discovered in Apple’s most recent operating system, High Sierra, that exposed passwords of encrypted volumes as password hints. A serious bug that quickly made the headlines in technology websites … Continue reading

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Welcome to Cocoa Engineering!

NSLog(@”Welcome to Cocoa Engineering!”) This is the first post of a new blog that I’m starting about Cocoa engineering. Cocoa is the name of Apple’s object-oriented API for writing OS X and iOS applications, so, as you can imagine, I’ll … Continue reading

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